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Custom Tattoos in Las Vegas - Inner Visions Tattoo

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

custom tattoo shops in las vegas

Inner Visions Tattoo is one of the only full custom tattoo shops in Las Vegas, but what exactly does that mean?

A custom tattoo shop differentiates itself from a traditional street shop because we don't have tattoo flash or books to choose from. Tattoo flash refers to the pre-made designs that adorn the walls of most tattoo shops. Many tattoo shops also offer books of flash to browse through to pick out your tattoo.

The problem with tattoo flash is that you are picking a design that 1,000 other people may have already gotten tattooed on them. A lot of tattoo flash is outdated and lacks creativity. One of the biggest issues with pre made tattoo flash is that it is not designed to fit the clients body specifically. They are generic designs and don't always look as good in the skin.

At Inner Visions, we pride ourselves on being one of Las Vegas only full custom tattoo studios. What this means is we are real artists. We listen to your ideas and hand craft each tattoo to be uniquely yours. We often get asked by our clients if they need to bring in their own designs. The simple answer is no, but you are more than welcome to bring in any reference pics to give us a good idea of the direction you'd like to go with your new tattoo.

Our tattoo artists have spent countless years studying the natural flow of the body. We take into careful consideration the placement of your tattoo. We will design a tattoo differently depending on what part of your body you want to place it. For example, a tattoo on your leg would be drawn differently than a piece on your arm or back.

This is helpful whether you are getting a small tattoo or a large scale, full sleeve or full back tattoo. Understanding the bodies natural flow and having the right design aesthetics for your tattoo can make all the difference between a good tattoo and a great tattoo.

If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment for your next tattoo, you can check out our Las Vegas tattoo artist portfolios and find the best artist that fits the style you are looking for.

Although appointments are recommended, we do welcome walk ins. Walk ins are on a first come - first serve basis, and there may be a wait. Keep in mind that some of our tattoo artists are booked out for a few months and can not take walk ins.

You can contact us via email at with any questions you have or you can give us a call to check availability at (702) 732-2200.

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Las Vegas Tattoo Shop

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