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Las Vegas Tattoo Artist

Derek Calkins

las vegas tattoo artist derek calkins

Derek Calkins has been a professional tattoo artist for nearly 14 years. He has an unstoppable drive to grow as an artist everyday. Art has always been his passion and being a tattoo artist is a career he always wanted to pursue. 

Derek got what he thought was a late start at the age of 26. Over the years he spent his time getting better and growing as an artist. As each day passed, he realized that only through hard work and endless effort would he find what he was looking for. 

For Derek it was never about money or fame. He wanted to do something he loved and was passionate about, changing peoples lives for the better, and making an honest living doing it. Becoming the best tattoo artist he could be provided that for him. Being able to pass that knowledge and hard work down to his children has become the driving force for him.

As the years went on, Derek started to network with some of the best tattoo artists and started traveling the country working at some of the top tattoo conventions. He began winning multiple awards and gained recognition for both color and black and grey tattoos.

Derek specializes in creative surreal tattoos. He prides himself on his ability to create one of a kind custom tattoos suitable for each specific client. Derek is always excited for new challenges and to give his clients the best tattoo possible. He is always taking on new clients to bring their dreams to reality.

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