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See what people are saying about Inner Visions Tattoo

Voted Best of Vegas and the top rated custom shop

Emy T.  -  I came in for my appointment to get a sleeve tattoo and was a little nervous. When I walked into the  tattoo shop I was warmly greeted by the amazing apprentice. The shop was beautiful, and clean. Joe Riley was such a pleasure to work with and took his time with me on the concept and placement of my new tattoo. He also took the time to learn about what my tattoo meant to me.  Joe and his staff were very engaging, from start to finish and made my tattoo experience a wonderful memory. I'm definitely going to be returning to Inner Visions Tattoo for all of my future tattoos, and refer my friends! Thanks guys, you rock!

Victoria C. -  If you're looking for a tattoo in Las Vegas or surrounding area, or coming in from out of town, Inner Visions Tattoo is the shop to go to!  Great friendly service from my man Daniel.  He was so courteous and made us feel welcome from the first conversation.  The tattoo was all that we expected and more.  Celebrating my cousins birthday we decided to get matching tattoos. I love the artwork and the time taken to make sure I was 100% satisfied!  I will be back!!!!

Joel C.  -  I  Highly recommend getting tattooed by Joe Riley....him and his apprentice Daniel are great and welcoming from the second you walk in the door.  Inner Visions Tattoo is a very clean shop.....Joe is a genius with his ideas and tattoo abilities!

Mike B.  -  My experience with Inner Visions Tattoo was nothing but top notch ! Excellent tattoo artist and person , Joe Riley is definitely my recommendation while in Las Vegas. My enitre sleeve tattoo was freehanded on with markers and from there I got to watch the magic unfold with each visit!

Jon W.  -  Joe Riley is my tattoo artist! His tattoo work speaks for itself. He is one of the best tattoo artists in the business. I have followed him for years on social media. When I decided to start my super hero tattoos on my back, I knew Joe was the only tattoo artist I trusted. He is down to earth, his shop is large, impressive and the color scheme brings around a tranquil like environment. I love his personal paintings that cover the walls of his shop, this feature truly allows one to see he is a true artist in every sense along with being a rocking tattoo artist. If you are looking for a guy to get your first tattoo, start a new project or cover up a junk tattoo then Joe Riley is your guy!

Jennifer D.  -  Th tattoo shop is super clean.  Everybody was so accommodating and friendly and I absolutely adore the work that was done by my tattoo artist! He did such an amazing job and really customized my work. I'm definitely coming back for more ink when in Las Vegas

Nathan B.  -  I have been going to Joe Riley for Tattoos for almost two years now and he is definitely the best tattoo artist in Las Vegas. I have been living in Vegas for a long time now and never pursued getting any new tattoos because I could not find any tattoo artists whos artwork caught my attention. I came to Joe to get a cover up and was amazed by his work and professionalism. I knew I had found my tattoo artist. Since then he has completed a full sleeve tattoo on me and I am planning on him doing my entire back. I have been to his new shop, Inner Visions Tattoo and the atmosphere is great. I absolutely recommend checking out Inner Visions Tattoo whether you are interested in getting a big or small tattoo.

Karyn G.  -  Best tattoo artists and shop in Las Vegas. You won't be disappointed. I'm getting all my work done by Joe Riley and everything always turns out absolutely beautiful. I never have to worry. Joe is professional and the shop is clean, and filled with his beautiful works of art, always positive music playing. Worth every cent!

Kyle J.  -  SO very happy with Joe Riley and Inner Visions Tattoo!  
Thank you for giving me a tattoo I can be really proud of.  My advise to anyone is to know what you want but let Joe do his thing too, he is a top tattoo artist... let him be an artist. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!  The shop is very clean a loaded with amazing art from Joe.  The staff was incredible and very welcoming for anyone.  I have been to 3 different shops and by far Inner Visions Tattoo is leading in professionalism and setting the best atmosphere for tattooing.  Music, conversation, and attention to detail was immaculate.  Joe you truly are a very talented artist.  "Holy! Wow that's awesome!!!" are the complements I get from everyone that see's my tattoo.  I can't thank you enough for creating a beautiful piece that stands out from the rest.  Joe Riley at Inner Visions Tattoo is the best tattoo shop in Vegas!!!  Thanks again man, pleasure to have met you. 
All love from Canada! 

Tyler M.  -  Joe Riley at Inner Visions Tattoo is the bomb. I'm very happy with all of his tattoo work. I've got countless hours of tattoos and design. I would guess 50-70 hours. Everything turned out great. They've got awesome customer service and meet all of your needs. Joe is realistic and lets you know what will actually look good on your body and meets you in the middle to make your new tattoo something  you never thought was possible! Thanks Joe!!!

Kris C.  -  Steve's tattoo work is amazing. He took my general ideas and made an original custom tattoo that is so much more than I expected. The tattoo shop is very clean, the staff is awesome and pricing is very reasonable for the amazing tattoos they create. I'll definitely be back to Inner Visions Tattoo for more.

Jennifer D.  -  Inner Visions Tattoo did an AMAZING job on my tattoos. I so appreciate their hard work and custom tattoo designs. The whole experience was great - shop was super clean, everyone was very friendly and helpful, great music on... I will definitely return for more ink from Inner Visions when I'm in town! Thanks guys!!!

Chris S.  -  Getting a great tattoo is about finding a tattoo artist who's not only talented, but one who is responsive to their client's ideas and feedback. Joe is all those things, and he runs a clean, professional tattoo shop to boot. Joe is booked in advance for good reason. If you want a stellar, unique tattoo, he's your guy.

Andrew H.  -  Inner Visions Tattoo is just amazing. I've known Joe Riley for many years and seen a lot of his tattoo work. It's always top notch. I've got a tattoo from him and I love it. He does outstanding work and is very considerate of his clients. If you don't set up a meet with him for your next tattoo, you're missing out.

Rebecca J.  -  Joe Riley is amazing! He did a tattoo of a photo realistic lion portrait on my ribcage and absolutely nailed it. Went back for some fineline lettering on the other side, after free handing the writing so that it fit my body better than the example I brought him, he gave me another amazing tattoo which fits me perfectly! I travel 2,200 miles to see him! I highly recommend Inner Visions Tattoo!!

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