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Las Vegas Tattoo Artist

Josh Herrera

One of the top black and grey tattoo artists in Las Vegas

best las vegas tattoo artist josh herrera

Josh Herrera is originally from Los Angeles. He comes from a long line of artists in his family. He first got interested in becoming a tattoo artist as a teenager. It was actually his grandmother that pushed him towards pursuing a career in tattooing.  

With support from his family, Josh eventually landed a tattoo apprenticeship here in Las Vegas over a decade ago.  Josh would describe his beginnings as a tattoo artist as an old school apprenticeship of scrubbing toilets, keeping his mouth shut and doing as he was told. 

Josh quickly caught on to the art of tattooing and was able to move on to better tattoo shops to further his knowledge and fast forward his career. Eventually the travel bug hit and Josh found himself tattooing from coast to coast, attending many tattoo conventions, and spending some time tattooing in the islands of Hawaii.

Josh eventually found his way back to Las Vegas and settled down. First working at a tattoo shop on the Las Vegas strip, he realized he wouldn't be able to build a clientele and focus on the type of tattoos he really enjoys.  He soon moved on to a custom studio in Vegas and built a clientele before making the move to Inner Visions Tattoo.

Josh excels at many different styles of tattooing, but would describe his style as "Illustrative Realism". He enjoys the aspects of realistic tattoos while keeping up traditional techniques that ensure every tattoo he does will stand the test of time. 

Josh excels at black and grey tattoos. Although he used to do a lot of color work in the past Josh is drawn to the timeless look of the classic black and grey style.

Contact Josh to set up your free consultation and see what he can create for you!

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