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Color Realism Tattoos

Here at Inner Visions Tattoo, we’ve noticed a huge interest in color realism tattoos in recent times. Being rated as one of the best tattoo shops in Las Vegas, we are famous for our custom tattoos and will work with you to create the perfect design and style to match your needs. Keep reading to discover more about color realism tattoos and how we can work together to bring your vision to life.

Color Realism Tattoos

What are Color Realism Tattoos?

Color realism is a type of fine art that uses color to create a realistic and full image of an object or person. This completely transforms the look and feel of the tattoo, and it’s our most popular style as one of the best tattoo artists in Las Vegas. We use accurate and rich colors to give more form to the image and a better sense of space. Our team believes this style brings beauty to any tattoo design you would like and creates a unique and timeless tattoo that you’ll be proud to display on your body.

As you can imagine, for this type of tattoo to be successful, you need to work with the best tattoo shop in Las Vegas. It’s a very intricate process, but the final results look incredible on human skin. One of the reasons that we highly recommend this style of tattoo is that it gives more depth to your design. It’s very popular with designs such as flowers, portraits and animals and gives a 3D style to the image on your skin. You’ll feel like your tattoo jumps right off your skin, thanks to the bright saturation of the colors. This tattoo style has become more prominent in recent years, and you’ll find the options for color realism tattoos are just endless.

Why Should You Get a Color Realism Tattoo?

Compared to typical tattoo designs, you’ll find that color realism tattoos bring your idea to life in a much more realistic way. While black tattoos are still beautiful, we find color realism tattoos to be much more aesthetically appealing. There is so much effort and precision that goes into each of these tattoos, which you’ll admire on your skin for many years to come. Of course, you need to work with the best tattoo artists in Las Vegas in order to get the perfect results when using this style. We’ll consult with you to ensure your design will look as you imagine and then bring it to life on your skin.

What Design Can I Use for My Color Realism Tattoo?

As with any other type of tattoo, it’s completely up to you what type of design you have. At Inner Visions Tattoo, we are proud to create custom designs for our clients. We’ll create a one-of-a-kind tattoo that suits your personal style and personality. A great way to help with the design process is to bring reference pictures on your phone to our studio. This will help us to fully understand what type of image you are going for so that we can bring it to life on your skin. We want to make sure we are both on the same page from start to finish. This is why our clients return over and over again to the best tattoo shop in Las Vegas, as they trust us to bring their vision to life each and every time.

Where On My Body Can I Have a Color Realism Tattoo?

One thing to consider before starting the tattoo process is where you are going to place your tattoo. It’s going to be with you forever, so make sure you think carefully about where you want it on your body. We aren’t able to tattoo fingers or toes, as the ink just doesn’t stay in place in these small areas. Our best tattoo artists in Las Vegas will also discuss the option of tattoos on the face, neck, or hands, as this is at their discretion. It’s very important to think about your career or lifestyle when opting to place a tattoo in these areas, as it can impact some people in the long run. We’ll work with you to ensure your new color realism tattoo is placed in an area that’s perfect for you. We want to create something that you’ll be proud to show to the world and enjoy seeing on your body every day.

How Long Do Color Realism Tattoos Take?

For a smaller tattoo, you’ll need at least two to three hours with our team at the best tattoo shop in Las Vegas. Larger tattoos will take some more time and is dependent on the size, placement and detail of the design. We have a set rate for our tattoo artists for half day or full day sessions, but smaller tattoos we’ll charge based on the design. There’s a lot that goes into this form of tattoo artistry, so we don’t want to rush any moment of the process. On the day of your tattoo, make sure you are well-rested and aren’t in a rush. There’s nothing worse than feeling stressed or agitated during the tattoo, as we want you to relax and enjoy the process of seeing your work come to life on your skin.

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Tattoo by Derek Calkins

At Inner Visions Tattoo, we are passionate about offering color realism tattoos to locals and visitors to the area. This is one of the most striking tattoo styles out there, and we encourage you to research design ideas online before your session. As the best tattoo artists in Las Vegas, we’ll work with you to ensure your design comes to life on your skin just as you always imagined. We never want to rush the process of creating your design and will ensure you are satisfied with every element of the design before getting started. For more information about color realism tattoos or to book your next appointment, contact one of our Las Vegas tattoo artists today!

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Tattoo by Josh Herrera

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Tattoo by Josh Herrera

Best Gremlins Tattoos Las Vegas
Tattoo by Josh Herrera

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch with one of our artists, click the button below and start your Free Consultation!

best tattoo shop in las vegas strip

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