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biomechanical tattoos

Biomechanical Tattoos

by Las Vegas Tattoo Artist 

Joe Riley

Check out some of the latest biomechanical tattoos by Joe Riley at Inner Visions Tattoo in Las Vegas. Joe has been a student of biomechanical tattoo art for more than 20 years and continues to learn and push the limits of this unique tattoo style.

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About Joe Riley's Biomechanical tattoos

     Joe Riley was first exposed to biomchanical art at a young age when he first saw the artwork of H.R. Giger.  Giger is considered the most influential biomechanical artist in the world.  His work in film skyrocketed his success and notoriety as an artist.  His design work in the Alien movie franchise solidified him as one of the greatest artists of modern times.

     When Joe Riley first started tattooing, he was heavily influenced by the work of Guy Aitchison and Aaron Cain to name a few.  Their interpretation of biomech tattoos on the skin was among the best that any tattoo artist was capable of at the time.  Joe quickly knew that this was a style that he wanted to learn and he immediately got to work by studying some of the greatest artists he could find. 

     In 2003 Joe first met and got tattooed by Ron Earhart, who at the time was an up and coming biomechanical artist but is now considered a master of biomech tattoos.  Joe was able to pick his brain and immediately his approach and execution of his biomech tattoos took a huge leap forward.  

     Fast forward to today, and Joe is still studying biomechanical art, the best biomechanical artists and collecting biomech tattoos.  He has won several awards for his biomechanical tattooing at conventions throughout the country.  

     Joe enjoys taking a freehand approach to biomech tattoos.  He believes that by drawing straight on the skin, he can utilize the underlying muscle structures and create the best possible flow with the body. This approach also guarantees that each piece is unique and individually designed to gain the best fit for the client.


     Joe Riley excels at large scale tattoos and has several full sleeves and full back pieces in progress.  He enjoys both black and grey as well as color biomech tattoos.  Each new piece he creates builds upon the previous one, whether it's a new flow, a new color scheme - Joe always has a new trick up his sleeve.  

     Click here if you have any questions or would like to book a free consultation.


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