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Thinking About Getting A Tattoo While In Vegas? What You Should Know

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, except when you want to bring a little memento of your time here home with you. For many visitors to Vegas that may mean an Elvis outfit, custom poker chips, a wad of cash, or...a tattoo! You would be surprised to learn just how many tourists want to take home a piece of Vegas in the form of body art.

That said, if you are planning a trip to Las Vegas anytime soon, and you think that there's a chance that you may want a tattoo, you should know a few things first. It is important to understand how tattoo shops work, what you can and can't get for a tattoo in the time allotted, and the difference between walking in versus making an appointment to get a tattoo.

Elaborate Tattoos Take Several Sessions to Complete

You may have seen some fabulous body art walking around town, but you should know that anything that covers more than a few square inches and/or involves a lot of colors or elaborate designs can take more than one session to complete. Clients that want sleeve tattoos or a tattoo covering their entire back have to keep coming back in to have more work done until the tattoo is finished.

At Inner Visions Tattoo we have many clients who travel here specifically to get large scale tattoos. Often times they will book multiple days back to back to make the most out of their trips to Vegas, and to maximize the amount of tattoo work we can get done. Las Vegas has become a destination for tattoos.

Custom Tattoos Are a Big Thing in Vegas

Nothing quite says "I got this in Vegas!" like a custom tattoo. These custom tattoos are favored because every time you look at it you will be reminded of that time in Vegas when...well, when whatever happened there, happened. Consistently rated as of the best tattoo shops in Las Vegas, at Inner Visions, our main focus is mostly custom tattoos. It is close to the Las Vegas strip, an ideal location for anyone who is staying close by and thinking about getting a tattoo.

Yet, what should you expect from Las Vegas tattoo shops? In particular, what can you expect to get for your money from custom tattoo shops on the Las Vegas strip? Well, you can get some pretty amazing body art that has never been created before and never will be applied to anyone else again, and that is worth the price. You can give the tattoo artist some thematic ideas of what you would like, but the idea behind a custom tattoo is that it is up to the artist to create the image. They do try to fit an image with the customer's personality and interests, however, so you should not be disappointed and you will definitely be amazed.

In terms of tattoo size, the style and amount of detail will dictate what the artist can get done. More intense, realistic detailed tattoos can take longer than a tattoo style such as traditional or new school. Each tattoo artist also works at a pace that is comfortable for them. This is one of the reasons it is so important to choose an artist who specializes in the style of tattoo that you are interested in getting.

We recommend setting up a free consultation prior to discuss your ideas with the tattoo artist and see what is possible to get done in the time that you are in Las Vegas.

Making an Appointment vs. Walk-ins

Las Vegas tattoo artists are usually booked far in advance. It is not often that they can take a walk-in client. Usually, if you walk into the shop, the artists are already in the middle of working on other people's body art. We do take walk ins when we have availability but appointments are usually recommended, especially for larger or more involved custom tattoos.

If you walk in and they can fit you in, it is usually due to a cancellation or reschedule. Walk ins are not completely uncommon, but again, it’s a matter of timing. If you want the best custom tattoo you can buy, you should give the artist plenty of time to do it. That is why appointments are recommended. All the time dedicated to your scheduled appointment allows you to convey to the artist some ideas of what you would like and then gives them time to prepare.

Scheduling an appointment is very important in Las Vegas tattoo shops. It conveys respect for the artist's time and work. It ensures that you have a dedicated appointment that allots enough time to converse with the artist and allows them to set up everything they need to complete your custom tattoo. When you schedule an appointment, you can even begin the discussion about what you would like in terms of a tattoo theme or idea so that the artist can start thinking about images and sketching out images for your tattoo.

You should also look at scheduling your appointment at least two weeks up to a few months in advance of your arrival in Las Vegas. You can email or call us to check your preferred artists availability in advance. Then schedule your appointment accordingly and within the time you will be in Vegas. You get the best work from a tattoo artist when you schedule your appointment ahead.

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