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New Tattoos From Our Artists!

Check out some of the newest work from our tattoo artists at Inner Visions Tattoo in Las Vegas. We've been working hard to bring you some of the best tattoos in Las Vegas. We are accepting new appointments and we take walk ins on a limited basis when we can. Whether you are a local or staying on the Las Vegas Strip we have the right tattoo artist for you that can pull off the tattoo style you are looking for!

Check out this awesome biomechanical tattoo by Joe Riley. The client wanted the skull symbol in the center to be the main focus. Joe added the glowing effect and colors to pull your eye into the tattoo while keeping the rest of the tattoo more subtle using shades of black and grey.

This full Biomech back piece tattoo has been in the works by Joe Riley for a while now. Here is the final product. Joe was able to get some really nice healed pics of this piece. You can see the full saturation of the colors in this piece, the vibrant yellows are complemented by the purple background.

Here's another large scale product recently completed by Joe. This biomechanical sleeve tattoo boasts a different color scheme than many of the other pieces Joe has done. He enjoys mixing things up, and although some of the base colors (in this case shades of blue) are the same, the surrounding colors and elements are different in each piece that Joe does. So not only is each tattoo completely unique (Joe freehands all of his biomech tattoos) each color scheme is completely unique in its own way.

For a tattoo artist who is primarily known for black and grey tattoos, Derek enjoys and excels at color tattoos as well. He put together this skull with flames and bullets using highly contrasting colors to draw your eye into the piece. The other notable thing about this tattoo is the light source that creates a vibrant glowing effect.

Here is another amazing color realism tattoo from Derek. This one is an instant favorite for any Star Wars fans out there. Derek has a knack for knowing exactly how to design and place multiple elements without the tattoo looking cluttered, and he also knows the perfect color palette to make the colors in the tattoo pop!

This tattoo is a new take on a classic design, the Japanese Hanya mask. This tattoo is actually based on the client's wife. Derek used a reference photo of her for the portrait tattoo and added all the rest of the elements in to bring this client's vision to life.

Animal tattoos have been a favorite since the first known tattoos were discovered 10,000 years ago. This custom tattoo is on a whole different level. Derek used his creativity and vision to bring this piece to life adding other elements as well as background design to make something original for the client. You can really see Derek's attention to detail in the eyes and teeth of this tattoo.

The picture doesn't really do this one justice. This full back tattoo is much more impressive in person when you see all the life size details in it. Done using shades of black and grey, Derek's eye for design and use of contrast gives you a lot to look at. There's several layers of detail and you can definitely find new things the more you look at this tattoo.

Josh Herrera did it again! He never ceases to amaze us with the amount of detail he is able to achieve in his tattoos. The mountains and surrounding landscape in this tattoo are incredible. Add in the smooth blends and contrast in the howling wolf, it doesn't get much better than this!

Here's another testament to Josh's commitment to detail. Not only did he achieve almost every possible shade of red in this apple, he added every single texture as well. Not to mention when you look at the ladybug in this tattoo, you can distinguish all the different colors as well as the nice shine.

Frogs, mushrooms and flower tattoos... definitely a winning combination here. Josh showcases his love for nature with some elements that are not typically found together, but Josh's masterful use of design knowledge leads us to this beautiful collage of colorful scenery.

Josh did this Native inspired wolf tattoo with a red balloon. I think the most impressive thing about this tattoo is that you can actually see through the balloon into the texture of the wolf's fur, and you can also see the reflection of the colors from the balloon onto the face of the wolf. It's details like these that are the difference between a good tattoo artist and a great tattoo artist.

If you would like to set up your Free Consultation please click the link below to get in touch with one of our artists.

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