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Patty Valentine, July 28th-30th

Guest artist Patty Valentine will be tattooing here at Inner Visions Tattoo in Las Vegas from July 28th-30th. Patty is a Seattle native. She moved away in 2010 and spent her time traveling the US, Europe and Asia. It was on these travels that she was lucky enough to be able to watch, learn and tattoo alongside some of the best tattoo artists whom she admired. She spent most of her time drawing, painting and tattooing during her travels. Last year she returned to Seattle where she has been tattooing full time. She believes that patience and understanding are paramount in giving her clients the best tattoo experience possible.

Patty's main focus is on traditional tattoos, but she has been studying and learning many different tattoo styles to incorporate into her work. She is a true artist, and outside of doing tattoos, she enjoys painting, traveling and spending time outdoors. She's excited about coming to Las Vegas so she can soak up some sunshine and do some kick ass tattoos!

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