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Tattoo Apprenticeship

Do You Have What It Takes?

What is a tattoo apprenticeship?

A tattoo apprenticeship is where you learn to tattoo the right way under a professional tattoo artist.  It is definitely considered the best way to get into the tattoo business.  It is the most respected, legitimate and safe way to begin your journey into a career as a tattoo artist.

How long does a tattoo apprenticeship take to complete?

There is no definitive answer, but a typical tattoo apprenticeship usually takes about 1-2 years to complete, and sometimes as much as 3 years.  Many professional tattooers continue to educate themselves far beyond their apprenticeship.  Any career in art demands constant growth and improvement as an artist, especially tattooing because you are permanently marking  someone else's body.

What is involved in a tattoo apprenticeship?

Becoming a tattoo apprentice requires talent, dedication, hard work, persistence talent, talent and more talent. Did I mention talent? Strong people skills and customer service is also a must.  You will be expected to do a majority, if not all of the cleaning.  You will be expected to set up and break down the tattoo stations safely and effectively.  You will be expected to help all the artists with whatever they need, including contacting clients, scheduling appointments, grabbing coffee or lunch for the shop on a regular basis.  You will be expected to show up on time everyday with a great attitude, be professional and work long hours on a consistent basis.  

What about taking an online course?

There is no such thing as a legitimate online course.  Don't waste your time or money.  Showing up at a tattoo shop with your online tattoo degree or certificate of completion is the best way to get laughed right out of the shop.  Tattooing is a highly respected craft by those who are serious about it.  No self respecting tattoo artist would even remotely consider opening a tattoo school or teaching an online training course.

Can I teach myself to tattoo at home?

Trying to teach yourself to tattoo at home is the absolute worst way to try to start a career as a tattoo artist.  Without the one on one instruction of a professional tattoo artist you will develop a lot of bad habits that can be hard to break.  You risk scarring people and permanently leaving people with horrible tattoos for life.  Not only that, you risk spreading deadly diseases not only to yourself, but to others as well.  Last but not least, by trying to tattoo at home, you will lose the respect of any legitimate tattoo shops and artists in your area.

How much does a tattoo apprenticeship cost?

You do NOT pay for a good apprenticeship. Beware of tattoo shops that ask you for money. As a tattoo apprentice at a legitimate shop, you will be expected to work in exchange for your education. You will need to save up money to buy professional equipment, not any of that cheap stuff you find online.  Being a professional means using the best for your clients.  And for all of your hard work and dedication you will earn a career that not only lasts a lifetime, but can be very rewarding as well.

Do You Have What It Takes?

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