tattoo shops las vegas strip

Tattoo Shops on the Las Vegas Strip

From a Locals Perspective

     When I first moved to Las Vegas in 2009, I landed a job at one of the tattoo shops on the Las Vegas strip.  I spent the next 7 years tattooing on the strip and gained some insights that could be useful if you are considering getting a tattoo in Las Vegas.


Pros –

  • Tattoo shops on the Vegas Strip are centrally located in the hotels and shopping malls.

  • They tend to keep longer hours, some being open 24 hours.

  • ….

  • Hmmm?


Cons –

  • Expect to pay 3 to 5 times the normal price for a tattoo.

  • Just because they are on the Vegas Strip does not make them good.

  • Most of the tattoo shops are actually corporations that care more about their bottom line than giving the client a good experience.

  • Some of the artists on the strip despise their job and have lost their passion for tattooing but stick around because the money is good. (I personally know several of them)

  • The tattoos are often rushed

  • There can be a high turnover rate of tattoo artists



The bottom line –


     There are hundreds of tattoo shops off the Vegas Strip.  Doing your homework can seem like a daunting task.  A quick 5 minute Uber ride can save you $100’s of dollars on your next tattoo and you can get the quality tattoo that you are looking for with the experience you deserve.  At Inner Visions Tattoo we treat every client with the utmost respect.  We put 110% into every tattoo that we do and we back it up with our personal guarantee.  We are a full custom tattoo studio and pride ourselves on our unique, one of a kind designs.

     We may not have famous rockstar names attached to our studio, and we certainly don’t answer to million dollar investors, but we are passionate about our craft and pushing the limits of tattooing to the fullest.  We meet and exceed our reputation for being the most trusted tattoo shop in Las Vegas.


  • We have multiple award winning tattoo artists on staff

  • Our tattoos have been published 100’s of times worldwide

  • We have artists that excel at every style of tattooing

  • Full Custom Tattoos all drawn for the individual

  • Consistently rated one of the Best Tattoo shops in Las Vegas for several years in a row


Contact us Now for questions about your next tattoo in Las Vegas or to set up a Free Consultation

tattoo shops las vegas strip

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