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Hybrid - Of mixed character; composed of mixed parts.


I had a vision in my head before I approached this piece.  I wanted to see stacks of sharp hooks, with a very aggressive look, but I also wanted to create a subtle feeling with a continuous flow.  I decided to try mixing two conflicting styles and color combinations to pull this piece off.  The foreground is not only aggressive with its sharp hooks and gnarly bone like textures, but also has highly contrasting colors with the hues of greens and reds.  The real depth of this piece comes with the desaturated background elements.  The tones are muted, and using shades of blue and purple I was able to create a separation of the two elements.  I also decided to go with a smoother, more rythmic background.  I was able to use a lot of repetition of shapes as they slightly morph throughout, thus creating a separate, yet harmonic flow through the entire piece.  I pulled some similar shades of blue into the edges of the aggressive green side, just enough to create harmony through the whole piece.  This is definitely a concept I will be playing with a little more in my art as well as my future tattoos!

• Hand-stretched over solid wood strecher bars
• Ready to hang upon delivery

• 1 1/2 inch gallery wrapped canvas

• Cotton/Polyester blend canvas for perfect tension

• Printed with archival quality ink to avoid fading

• Matte finish coating


$100.00 Regular Price
$80.00Sale Price
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