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Dark Art Tattoos

Dark art tattoos are rising in popularity, and you may want to get one yourself once you understand the history and meaning behind them.

A Brief History of Dark Art Tattoos

What is Dark Art?

Dark art tattoos try to embody the surreal, strange, or emotionally charged currents that lie just below our reality. They shed some light on the darker areas of life or the darker forces within ourselves and society as a whole.

Dark art tattoos in Las Vegas are also usually done in shades of black and grey, but can also be done in color. This is fitting for this style because it helps create a stunningly dark tattoo to convey just the right state or mind or message of the tattooed individual. Art techniques, such as high contrast and surreal composition, also help to create a dark or evil feel for that tattoo.

Common Themes

There are some common themes that run through dark art tattoos. Primitive designs to give it an ancient feel are very common. You can add to the mystic feel of your tattoo by incorporating alchemical symbolism and sigils. Notes of death through the use of skeletons and skulls are also popular. The point is to try to get a reflection of some inner demon you see or feel on the outside instead of keeping it locked away inside.

The History

The origins of darkart tattoos started a long time ago with ancient tribal tattoos which are typically Polynesian in origin. They were known for having abstract patterns done only in black ink that formed shapes and swirls over large areas of the skin.

These tattoos are easily recognized because they lack any color and instead focus only on black and grey tones. Originally these tattoos were large and wrapped around the curves of the body. Because they work with the curves of the body, they are meant to also contour to the person’s personality. They are meant to be representative of the person’s journey or symbolize something important in their life.

Anciently, these blackwork tattoos were also believed to be protective and were very sacred in nature. Tattoo artists were honored at the same level as shamans or priests who used their knowledge to help others.

Dark art tattoos draw on the ancient elements found in blackwork tattoos and adapt them to modern life. Some still incorporate the bold shapes and large patterns found in their ancient counterparts. There are usually other elements worked into the modern style.

Geometric patterns or seemingly random elements of negative space are often drawn on as well as swirls and abstract shapes. Other people lean more towards symbols that help tie their bodies to their souls. This may be in symbols drawn from the tarot or animals that are symbolic of something in their life.

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