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Skull Tattoos, a Timeless Classic

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Skull Tattoos have been around for centuries, and can have several different meanings. Each person can have there own meaning behind their tattoo, and in some cases, no meaning at all. Skulls tattoos typically represent death, but can represent almost anything. Skull tattoos can also represent a memorial of someone passing, it can represent putting the past behind you or some sort of significant life change. For others, it can be a reminder that death is inevitable and we should all live our best life now. And of course, there are those who get skull tattoos just because they look cool!

I've (Joe Riley) done 100's of skull tattoos and I personally have several skulls tattooed on me. I've been drawing and painting skulls since I was about 5 years old. Through the years, I have come up with my own meaning on what skulls mean to me. A skull is the medium. We all have one. What is on the outside of our skull represents our outer beauty, and what is on the inside is our inner beauty. Our skulls not only determine how we look on the outside, but it also protects our most important asset, our brains/minds.

To some, a skull seems like just a skull, but to me, each one is unique and has it's own individual details. Whether it's rendered in shades of black and grey, subtle hints of color, or bright bold colors, each skull I do is unique in it's own special way. For more info, or for any questions, you can Contact me at Inner Visions Tattoo in Las Vegas. We are one the only custom tattoo shops in Las Vegas and we focus on making each tattoo unique for the individual. Inner Visions Tattoo is located minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, McCarran Airport and Henderson, NV. We accept appointments and walk ins.

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